The House of Lusignan

The house of Lusignan was an influential family on the borders between French and English controlled lands. This was a time when feudal alliances shifted between England and France, and shifted among neighbours.

Hugues IX and Hugues X

For example, after Hugues became count of La Marche, he was ultimately reconciled with the Duke of Angoulême (also a claimant for those lands and title) and in 1200 was promised Isabella, the daughter of the Duke, for his son (later to be Hugues X). John of England instead married Isabella, pushing the house of Lusignan into an alliance with Philip Augustus that ultimately drove John from his Angevin holdings. By 1214 circumstances had changed and Hugues offered John fealty and John offered his daughter as a bride for Hugues X.

As it turned out, John died, leaving Isabella a widow who in turn married her original betrothed, Hugues X. One small point on marriage agreement between Isabelle and Hugues X was that every time Hugues addressed Isabelle he had to call her by her title "Queen of England"! In 1243 the battle of Tallenbourg undid Isabelle and broke her power for ever as she split her properties between her children.

Main historical events in Poitou-Charente during this period.