Web pages concerning the village of Bouteville

A blazon of Bouteville

Georges Bironneau, the living history of Bouteville
The church of St. Paul in Bouteville

Americ or Amyer de Bouteville

There is a reference to Americ or Amyer de Bouteville who was made Gorvernor of Castle Eve or Eye. Its likely that he was some sort of cousin of Sir Geoffroy de Botevile. Could this be Eye Castle in Suffolk?  Americ's modern name is Aimeri and he is from the LaRochefoucauld family, so that may be a link we will follow up at some point.

Books and booklets

Gaillard, Jean-Paul. Le Château de Bouteville:
Notes pour quatre siècles d'histoire. Saintes [France]: J.-P. Gaillard, 1992.

Michelle AILLOT, Entre Boëme et Charraud, Sur les chemins du temps jadis, 1994, in-4, 376 p. illustrations (Chadurie, La Couronne, Mouthiers, Nersac, Roullet Saint Estèhe, Saint Michel d'Enraygues, Torsac, Veuil et Giget, Voulgézac) 21,34 E

Any questions do feel free to contact me, Ian Stanley, particularly if you think you might be related to the Botevyle family.