This page is a melting pot of all the associated families that the Botevyle family married into, or offshoots not described elsewhere. We have here two families who changed their name from Botevyle, namely the Thynnes and the Botfields.

We also have the Clarke & Gravenor families who were closely associated with the Botevyle family when they moved into Shrewsbury. For more about these two families please refer to the web site about all my family lines, Ian Stanley’s Family History.

Also we have the Battle & Montmorency families who may or may not have a common ancestry with us.

It seems that the Botevyle family got as far as Scotland too, although we think that the name there mutated to Bothwell over time.

Any questions do feel free to contact me, Ian Stanley, particularly if you think you might be related to the Botevyle family.