If your ancestors were called Botfield rather than Botevyle, or they had some other spelling variation it is still quite likely that you are related to this family. The variations recorded over the centuries are endless. The most common variation is Botfield. The Botfield variant seems to derive from the marriage of Thomas Botevyle and Joan, although I have also identified some other Botfields that come from totally different family lines.

Beriah Botfield

The descendants of this second marriage include the well-known Beriah Botfield. He was a wealthy business man and also an M.P. for his Northamptonshire constituency. He also found time to be an author and wrote the Stematta Botevilliana published in 1858, the family history of the Botevyle family refered to elsewhere. Without this book most of this web site would not have been possible. There are passing mentions of him here and here. You can see details of two of his other books, "Collectanea Archaeologica: Communications made to the British Archaeological Association Vol. 1" and "Prefaces to the First Editions of the Greek and Roman Classics and of the Sacred Scriptures"

Beriah paid for the erection of the Cantlin stone in nearby Bishops Castle.

Botfield Arms

For those of you with a link to the Botfield surname here is an example of the Botfield arms. Compare these to the Botevyle arms and crest.

The Botevyle arms are similar but have only five bands of each colour instead of six.