Through the Centuries


From here you can trace the Botevyle family line from the earliest times in the 13th century (and before) up to the mid-nineteenth century when my Botevyle line married into the Powers family.

Other Botevyle lines continue to this day in the direct male line from Sir Geoffrey de Botevyle and I have have tried to make mention of some of these at the appropriate place. If your line is not listed here let me know and I’ll be happy to include it is that’s possible within the space available.

Earliest mention of the name Botevyle

The earliest historical records in which the name Botevyle appears is in the celebrated Roll of Battle Abbey, its contents having been inscribed on the table which was formerly suspended in that ancient monastery. This ancient list of the Norman conquerors of England derived from the charter in Battle Abbey is given by the Duchesne and more fully by Holinshead and is also printed in Bromptons Chronicle and inserted in Lelands Collectianea.

This roll has been published with appropriate annotations by Sir John Bernard Burke and at p.32 the following notice occurs of the name of Botevyle. The appearance of this name on the Abbey Roll seems sadly at variance with the statement of Matthew Paris who records that the first of the Boteviles who came over to England were two brothers, both of knightly rank, Geoffrey and Oliver Botevile who, as described previously, brought a body of foreign auxiliaries from Poitou and Gascony to assist King John against his rebellious barons.

Early French History

The family of Olivier de Bouteville Montville was considered Breton in origin and was of the major nobility. Earlier in French history the Bretons invaded Poitou/Charente and the "Bouteville" family may have been involved in this. This is what makes us think that they may have originally have been a Breton family. 

Any questions do feel free to contact me, Ian Stanley, particularly if you think you might be related to the Botevyle family.