Welcome to the Botevyle Pages!

This web site really has two purposes. One is to publish our own family line and the other is to give more detail about the origins of this family and in particular to show, in some depth, the interesting life and times of Sir Geoffrey de Botevile. The family originated in France but have been resident in Shropshire, England, since the time of the Magna Carta. They ultimately link into my Powers family.

Botevyle is a very unusual name. It is in fact originally Norman French (see below) but has existed in England since the conquest. There are many variant spellings including Botevile, Botfield, Bodfield, Bouteville, de Boteville, de Buteville etc..
La cour de Vars
The Heart of Vars

We have made significant discoveries in this line in recent years mainly due to the hard work and perseverance of Hugh Jones in New Zealand who has provided much of the information shown in later pages. Thanks also to John Carter for all his hard work, and to all you Botevyles out there for keeping the extended family together. 

Any questions do feel free to contact me, Ian Stanley, particularly if you think you might be related to the Botevyle family.